1964 Picnic Table Companion Bench

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Product Overview:
Redesigned 1964 World's Fair Backless Bench
Length x 22" x 18 1/2"H

This design was developed in 2007 to compliment the 1964 World's Fair series but with a change to the profile to allow for a more comfortable seating arrangement with the picnic table. When used as part of the picnic table set the shape of the leg allows a person to slide into the seating area without knocking their knees on the table support.  

Sizes: Available in 4', 6' and 8' lengths. 

Dimensions: Length x 22" x 18 1/2"H

Material: Ductile Iron and Ipe Wood or Recycled Plastic Lumber

Finish: Powder coated Iron with Natural lumber or Recycled lumber

Structure: 2 or 3 support legs, 6 slats, stainless steel carriage bolts

Assembled Weights:  

6746-4' - 113 pounds 
6746-6' - 122 pounds
6746-8' - 178 pounds

6746-RPL-4' - 131 pounds 
6746-RPL-6' - 146 pounds
6746-RPL-8' - 210 pounds

Options: Installs on grade with ability for permanent anchoring

Additional Information: Base pricing includes Natural Ipe Lumber. Other options are at an additional cost. Choose from Kebony, American White Oak painted Central Park Green and Recycled Plastic Lumber with additional steel bracing.


6746-6: PDF / DWG

6746-RPL-6: PDF / DWG
6746-RPL-8: PDF / DWG

Installation & Assembly: PDF