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We are excited to share these articles featuring Kenneth Lynch & Sons in many design-savvy publications.

  • kls-in-the-press-central-park-feature-1-.png

    The History, Design, and Care of Central Park’s Iconic Benches

    Central Park Conservancy, December 2023

    Former Parks Commissioner Robert Moses teamed up with furniture designer Kenneth Lynch to craft a bench for the 1939 World’s Fair, held in NYC in 1938 and 1939. The duo created 8,000 benches for the occasion, many of which still reside in Central Park today.

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  • homeworthy-tour-october-2023.png

    A Converted Boathouse Becomes a Beautiful Home on the Island of Nantucket

    Homeworthy, October 2023

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons is honored to be a sponsor of Homeworthy. Take a look at their latest home tour featuring interior designer Gary McBournie and his partner Bill Richards who take us inside their incredible oceanside escape on the Island of Nantucket.

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  • architectural-digest-june-2023.png

    Inside a French Provincial–Style Seattle Home

    Architectural Digest, June 2023

    This exclusive feature in Architectural Digest shows an outdoor dining set from Kenneth Lynch, with bespoke chairs created for Kylee Shintaffer Designs.

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  • tradesecrets-kenneth-lynch-.png

    Trade Secrets Resource Guide 2023

    Trade Secrets, Spring 2023

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons is proud to have been a sponsor of this year's 23rd Annual Trade Secrets event and to support the important work of Project SAGE to create happier and safer futures.

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  • nyc-design-guide-2023.png

    The New York Design Guide 2023

    Cottages & Gardens, January 2023

    The Dolphin Arm Grand Chair is a timeless addition for the garden, penthouse, or veranda, handcrafted by skilled artisans. Available in a variety of finishes and styles.

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  • cottages-gardens-january-2023.png

    Outdoor Living in Style

    Charleston Home + Design Magazine, Winter 2023

    The sophisticated and timeless designs of Kenneth Lynch & Sons Florentine Classics collection are a seamless fit for the Southern design aesthetic and are ideal additions to patios, verandas, and gardens.

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  • charleston-home-design-magazine-fall-2022.png

    Charleston Park Receives Beautiful Chess Tables

    Charleston Home + Design Magazine, Fall 2022

    Charleston recently welcomed its first set of public chess tables at Philip Simmons Park. Produced by Kenneth Lynch & Sons, the chess tables feature a green and white terrazzo playing surface defined by inlaid brass strips, the same popular product that can be seen throughout New York City parks. Photography by Kenny Reed.

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  • caddetails-newsletter-september-2022.png

    5 Favorite Fountains For Every Outdoor Space

    CADdetails Newsletter, September 2022

    Fountains are a timeless and beautiful element to add to classical gardens. Kenneth Lynch & Son's collection of classic garden ornaments offers a variety of fountain styles and sizes that can enhance every outdoor space.

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  • charleston-home-design-magazine-summer-2022.png

    Sophisticated Outdoor Seating

    Charleston Home + Design Magazine, Summer 2022

    Furnish your gardens, patios and verandas with classically designed, luxurious outdoor furniture, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen to last for generations.

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  • favorite-bench-designs.png

    10 Favorite Bench Designs for Every Setting

    CADdetails Newsletter, June 2022

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons has been a manufacturer of popular outdoor seating and site furnishings since 1927. We know that durable site furnishings are an important component of creating inviting and sustainable spaces for park planning and garden design.

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  • kls-in-the-press-design-stops-1-.png

    Design Stops

    Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, May 2022

    The Neoclassical Grand Chair is a timeless addition for the garden, penthouse, or veranda, handcrafted by skilled artisans. Available in a variety of finishes and styles.

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  • frederic-magazine.png

    Garden Variety

    Frederic Magazine, May 2022

    The May issue of Frederic Magazine features the 1939 World’s Fair Bench by Kenneth Lynch & Sons. This iconic bench style was developed for use at the 1939 World's Fair in New York City. Robert Moses and Kenneth Lynch collaborated on the final design to maximize comfort and to take advantage of manufacturing processes.

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  • kls-in-the-press-charleston-feature-spring-2022.png

    Enduring Excellence

    Charleston Home + Design Magazine, Spring 2022

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons fabricates heirloom quality outdoor furniture, statuary, sundials, planters, and more that enhance any Southern space.

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  • k.lynch-sons-23-1-.jpg

    Garden Ornamentation

    Charleston Home + Design Magazine, Winter 2022

    The magnificent gardens of Charleston have long been an inspiration for Kenneth Lynch & Sons’ designs for outdoor living. Their Classical furniture, statuary, armillary sundials, and planters perfectly enhance the Southern garden. Read more

    Additionally, Kenneth Lynch & Sons' Maria Lynch Dumoulin was featured in the "Ask the Experts" section of the issue. Read more

  • img-1662-1-2.jpg

    Classic Garden Design

    Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, May 2022

    The Neoclassical Grand Chair is a timeless addition for the garden, penthouse, or veranda, handcrafted by our skilled artisans. Available in a variety of finishes and styles.

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  • architectural-digest-2021.png

    Learning From the Best

    Architectural Digest, July 2021

    Featured in Architectural Digest is the Swordfish Vane Weathervane, Product #3814. Weathervanes like this fish-shaped beauty by Kenneth Lynch & Sons add personality to any roof.

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  • four-seasons-in-cg.jpg

    A Passion for Outdoor Living

    Charleston Home + Design Magazine, June 2021

    Take a look at the Meet & Greet interview with third generation owner Maria Lynch Dumoulin, along with the Outdoor Living Guide featuring key elements from the Estate Elements and Florentine Classics collections.

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  • caddetails-kenneth-lynch-press.png

    20+ CAD Drawings to Enhance Your Landscape Design

    CADdetails Newsletter, June 2021

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons has three generations of expertise in garden ornamentation and craftsmanship, working with landscape designers in sourcing the ideal elements for their projects. Take a look at our top five most recommended elements for creating a classic focal point in your next landscape project.

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  • four-seasons-in-cg.jpg

    What's New

    Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, May 2021

    Once used to tell time, sundials track the position of the sun. Today, they serve as decorative garden elements. The Armillary Sundial from Kenneth Lynch & Sons is forged in the U.S. from silicon bronze and embellished with zodiac symbols. Available in three sizes. As seen in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

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  • caddetails-park-kenneth-lynch.png

    30+ CAD Drawings for Designing an Incredible Park

    CADdetails Newsletter, April 2021

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons has a long history working with parks departments and landscape designers across the country to provide unique and durable park furnishings and decorative elements. Our Urban Seating Collection of iconic park furnishings and Estate Elements Collection of statuary and fountains are a mainstay of inspiration for park and landscape designers.

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  • four-seasons-in-cg.jpg

    Design Tips for Creating a Classical Garden

    Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, September 2020

    "Today, Kenneth Lynch & Sons works with garden designers, landscape architects, and homeowners to create timeless classic outdoor spaces through their expertise in garden ornamentation and cast stone pieces. They are the perfect starting point for sourcing items for a classical garden." As seen in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

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  • dancing-girl-fountain-southern-lady-magazine.png

    Outdoor Fancies featuring Dancing Girl

    Southern Lady Magazine, Summer 2020

    "Including materials like statuary and antique stone pieces in the design of a garden helps create balance in plein-air environs." Dancing Girl Fountain with Arched Trellis can be found in the Summer 2020 Edition of Southern Gardens, Southern Lady Magazine.

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  • savannah-sundial.png

    Turtles around Coastal Georgia

    Savannah Now, June 2020

    "Six tortoises hold up the six foot Armillary Sphere in Troup Square. Put in place in 1968, the sphere was a stock item from Kenneth Lynch and Sons of Connecticut." Photo credit: Steve Bisson/

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  • press-cg-mtd.png

    Meet the Designer

    Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, June 2020

    Take an inside look into Kenneth Lynch & Sons and current owner, Maria Lynch Dumoulin. "For more than 90 years, finely crafted metal and stone ornamental works, outdoor furniture and statuary by Kenneth Lynch & Sons have embellished gardens and landscapes all over the world. Here, we catch up with the company’s third-generation president/owner." As seen in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

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  • press-cg.png

    What's New

    Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, June 2020

    View the 1939 World’s Fair Picnic Table as a recommended pick in CTC&G. As seen in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

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  • press-cg.png


    Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, June 2020

    View the 1939 World’s Fair Chess Table as a top pick in the CTC&G Marketplace. As seen in Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

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  • press-cg-fc.png

    Customizable Outdoor Furniture

    Cottages & Gardens, June 2020

    Explore the Florentine Classics Collection and see how you can design your own beautiful pieces for your patio, terrace or garden.

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  • press-mention-6-19-20.png

    An Anthology of Styles for Outdoor Spaces

    CADdetails, June 2020

    This anthology highlights the styles and components of exceptional outdoor projects, as well as key elements and products that enhance amazing outdoor living spaces.

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  • cg-garden-elements.png

    Garden Elements Made to Stand the Test of Time

    Cottages & Gardens, May 2020

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons named as "one of the best kept secrets of designers" in garden decor. View the luxury outdoor furniture and garden statuary that will transform your outdoor space.

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  • press-modern-parks.png

    The 1964 World’s Fair & the Birth of Modern American Parks

    CADdetails, April 2020

    The 1964 World's Fair Bench produced today by Kenneth Lynch & Sons is also known as the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Bench from the 1964 World's Fair which was held in Queens, NY.

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  • queens-1939-worlds-fair-bench.png

    Guide to Flushing’s Hidden Gems

    Untapped New York, February 2020

    Using modern and sustainable materials, the Queens Botanical Garden worked with Kenneth Lynch & Sons, the creators of the original 1939 World’s Fair Bench, to create replicas.

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  • press-worlds-fair.png

    Urban Design and the Outdoor Bench

    Reliance Foundry, February 2020

    New York city has several popular bench styles, but the World Fair bench is one of the two most iconic. The bench is produced by Kenneth Lynch & Sons today.

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  • press-wilton-library.png

    Elephant flies into place at Wilton Library

    CT Insider: The Hour, February 2020

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons produced two elephant statues for the Wilton Library. According to the book “Wilton Connecticut,” by Robert H. Russell, concrete hippos and elephants were installed at the Comstock Community Center and Wilton Library in 1985 by Kenneth Lynch & Sons which operated a metal foundry and sold stone sculptures at the corner of Route 7 and Grumman Hill Road.

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  • press-rvaw.png

    Southport's Rooms with a View interior Design Showcase Celebrates 25 Years

    CT Post, October 2019

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons was a proud sponsor of the 25th Rooms With A View Showcase. Other design sponsors included Farrow & Ball, Circa Lighting, Stark Carpets, Donghia, Williams Sonoma Home. Kenneth Lynch also designed the outside space in front of the church.

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  • a-metal-giant-in-wilton.png

    A Metal Giant in Wilton

    Connecticut History, August 2019

    enneth Lynch was an accomplished blacksmith who was a longtime resident of Wilton and created some of the most memorable pieces of metalwork found in the Northeast.

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  • press-metal-museum.png

    Inside the Collection: Kenneth Lynch Tool Collection

    Metal Museum, August 2019

    In July 1989, a few months after Lynch had passed away, Kenneth Lynch & Sons gifted the Metal Museum a shipment from his metal tools collection, consisting of various types of agriculture tools.

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  • press-richmond.png

    School Spirit

    Richmond Magazine, September 2017

    Architect McClane worked with Kenneth Lynch and Sons in Connecticut to design and fabricate the ornamental bronze spider plaque that accents the front exterior in a playful nod to the University of Richmond’s spider mascot.

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  • wyoming-tiered-fountain.png

    Centennial Park Marks the Seasons

    What's Up Wyoming, June 2017

    Take a moment to visit the park this summer and enjoy the three-tiered fountain, which was built in Connecticut by the same company that worked on restoring the Statue of Liberty, Kenneth Lynch & Sons.

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  • press-ad.png

    Michael S. Smith Renovates His Luxe Manhattan Penthouse

    Architectural Digest, March 2017

    The terrace features outdoor seating by Kenneth Lynch & Sons, with cushions of a Rose Tarlow Melrose House fabric; the planters at left are by Inner Gardens, the side tables and cocktail table are by Treillage, the standing lanterns are all by Restoration Hardware, and the wall-mounted lanterns are by Charles Edwards. Photography by Björn Wallander.

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  • press-benches.png

    4,223 Central Park Benches With Stories to Tell

    New York Times, June 2016

    "There are three styles of benches: the simple wood-and-concrete version; the World’s Fair style, with its circular armrests, dating to 1939; and the Central Park settee, based on the benches used during the park’s creation, circa 1858." Photo by Yana Paskova.

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  • press-benches-nyc.png

    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About NYC's Iconic Park Benches

    Gothamist, February 2016

    "Moses collaborated with Kenneth Lynch on the design in the 1930s, with the purpose of creating a bench that would be used at the 1939 World's Fair.” by Jen Carlson.

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  • press-vernanda.png

    The Perfect Setting For An Alfresco Lunch

    Vernanda Magazine, April 2015

    Michael S. Smith's Manhattan terrace makes an ideal perch for a breezy afternoon get-together, featuring Kenneth Lynch & Sons' tables, chairs, and sofas.

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  • kennethlynch-1-of-12.jpg

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons, Inc.

    Thinking Outside The Boxwood, September 2014

    Trained as a blacksmith, Lynch was known for his work in restoring and recreating metal armor and motto “if its made of metal, Kenneth Lynch can make it.”

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  • kls-landscape-architect.png

    Human-nature link guides landscape architect Paul Neundorfer

    SF Gate, August 2014

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons is named as a favorite of landscape architect Paul Neundorfer. Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle.

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  • press-copper.png

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons: A Legacy of Beautiful And Functional Outdoor Ornaments

    The Copper Development Association, May 2013

    "Kenneth Lynch, founder of Kenneth Lynch & Sons, was one of the first companies in the US to produce high quality weathervanes on a massive scale. He collaborated with famous metalworkers such as Samuel Yellin and sculptors like Paul Manship."

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  • press-ms.png

    More Transitioning From Autumn to Winter

    The Martha Blog: The Official Martha Stewart Blog, November 2010

    "I purchased these two magnificent Kenneth Lynch and Sons pots at an auction when Kenneth Lynch was still in operation in Wilton, Connecticut. The urns are cast concrete, a formula which no one has figured out. They are magnificent!"

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  • ctcg-oct-2005.png


    Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, October 2005

    Kenneth Lynch & Sons' Armillary Sundial with the Feathered Band was featured in a CTC&G piece describing the strength and durability of bronze.

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  • ctcg-may-2005.png

    The French Affair

    Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, May 2005

    A custom made copper and lead fountain by Kenneth Lynch and Sons was included in the Greenwich home decorated by Michael Whaley.

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  • press-sunset-fountain.png

    Splashy Wall Fountain

    Sunset, October 2004

    This article features a Tom Beyer of Beyer Landscape Co. landscape design including a Kenneth Lynch & Sons wall fountain.

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  • target-benchmarks-2003-2-2.jpg

    Target Benchmarks Central Park

    Era 404, September 2003

    "Target Benchmarks Central Park" was a benefit auction for the Central Park Conservancy, celebrating the Central Park bench as art. Sponsored by Target stores that included the decoration of over fifty Central Park benches into creative works in New York. Celebrities and artists such as Sigourney Weaver, Diane Von Furstenburg, and Michael Graves had a hand in the project, each transforming an ordinary bench into a work of art. In November 2003, 53 different benches were auctioned off at a benefit event at Christie’s.

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  • press-world-fair-bench-meadows.png

    What Remains of the 1964-65 New York World's Fair?

    Imagineering Disney, February 2003

    The 1964 World’s Fair Bench produced by Kenneth Lynch & Sons still remains on site today at Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

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  • press-statue-liberty.jpg

    Kenneth Lynch Day

    Statue of Liberty, April 1982

    In 1982, the National Parks Service celebrated Mr. Lynch's work and honesty in returning the original French tools that were used to construct the Statue of Liberty.

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