Custom Products

Kenneth Lynch & Sons is known for the ability to make modifications to almost any item.
Careful consideration is always taken for how changes will affect the overall product.

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    Urban Seating

    Lynch Urban Seating has additional cast iron elements that allow the customization of several of our park bench models, mainly in the use of bolted-on arm rests and decorative elements. We welcome your inquiries for non-standard bench lengths, custom powder coat colors, and special requests for painted lumber.

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    Estate Elements

    Lynch Estate Elements has the ability to employ various lead fountain components in multiple configurations. The combination of lead and cast stone fountain components will impress you with their versatility. Weathervanes and sundials can be arranged to utilize parts of one design with the balance of another. We work with you to create original, estate quality pieces based on your vision and our collaboration.

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    Florentine Classics

    What truly separates Florentine Classics from other garden furniture manufacturers is our ability to customize or modify almost any piece of furniture. Whether you simply want to modify a chair back with one of our many designs, or if you want to provide us an original design motif, we can produce a product that is unique and exquisite.