Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of long time employees are motivated to ensure your experience is pleasant and our product is representative of our reputation for exemplary manufacturing practices.

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    Maria Lynch Dumoulin


    Maria is the third-generation owner of Kenneth Lynch & Sons, a Connecticut-based company that designs and manufactures fine outdoor furniture, statuary, and garden ornament inspired by classical design. She recalls with awe a childhood of wandering and exploring the workshop buildings that her visionary grandfather Kenneth Lynch had built in Wilton, Connecticut. These early memories solidified her interest in keeping alive the craftsmanship and continuing the legacy that her grandfather created.

    Under Maria’s direction the company has continued its strong presence in the supply of park benches to major municipalities throughout the country, including their longtime partnership with the Central Park Conservancy. In 2011 she acquired the Florentine Craftsman company, adding fine garden furniture and additional lead statuary to their range of products. The classically styled garden ornaments, fountains and statuary that Kenneth Lynch & Sons has been known for remain an important part of their collections. Maria’s deep knowledge of their products, suitability and customization options makes her a valued­ resource for custom design projects.

    Beyond work Maria enjoys competitive bicycling events, hiking with her family and dogs, and entertaining family and friends. Maria has a strong dedication to volunteerism and in so devotes time to Scouting, church events and trail building.

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    Derrick Dumoulin

    Vice President of Operations

    Derrick has been with Kenneth Lynch & Sons for 18 years. His early involvement was very much like an apprenticeship. Derrick was a willing student and learned a range of skills from each of our seasoned craftsmen. From understanding concrete admixtures to the ability to work bronze and copper into a weathervane or sundial, Derrick has truly become a fine craftsman, now eagerly passing his knowledge to the next generation. As the Vice President of Operations Derrick has the opportunity to be on the shop floor a considerable part of the day ensuring the vision that Maria’s family has built continues on.

    Outside of work Derrick enjoys gardening, bicycling and hiking. After many years of his sons being involved in Boy Scouts, Derrick found himself enjoying the development of young people into leaders, so much so that he now holds the title of Scoutmaster.

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    Melody D'Avino

    Sales Manager

    Our sales team at Kenneth Lynch & Sons is continually applauded for the high level of customer service that we provide because of the efforts of Melody, our sales manager. Melody has been with the company for over 12 years, her breadth of knowledge spans every product line that we offer. Melody offers a thorough view of the order process ensuring that our customers are well informed in what to expect every step of the way. Her greatest enjoyment is working with clients to find the right garden ornament that generations of a family will cherish. 

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    Our Team

    Our precast stone department foreman, bench shop foreman, lead craftsman, chief welder and truck driver round out our team. Our staff grows in the busier months but our key employees are with us year round.

    Each of our team members plays a vital role in our daily operations. We are an excellent corporation to work for offering commensurate wages and generous benefits, a quality that can be attested to by employees having an average of 12+ years of service.