1964 Worlds Fair Bench

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Product Overview:
1964 World's Fair Bench, also known as the Flushing Meadows Corona Park bench.
Length x 25" x 31" H

1964 World's Fair Bench, also known as the Flushing Meadows Corona Park bench. This bench is based on the original design of the 1964 World's Fair bench which was held in Queens, NY. The original benches for the fair were made of cast aluminum, our model is made of virtually unbreakable ductile iron. This bench model was reintroduced to the parks department in 1995. It has become very popular over the past years and is used in various parks throughout all 5 boroughs and various suburban towns. The use of recycled plastic lumber has increased greatly in the search for sustainable materials. The plastic lumber does not have the same strength properties as traditional lumber, we therefore have devised a steel support system to provide additional strength while still maintaining the overall bench design.  

Sizes: Available in 4', 6' and 8' lengths. 

Dimensions: Length x 25" x 31" H

Material: Ductile Iron and Ipe Wood or Recycled Plastic Lumber

Finish: Powder coated Iron with Natural lumber or Recycled lumber

Structure: 2 or 3 support legs, 8 slats, stainless steel carriage bolts

Assembled Weights:  

6733-4' - 188 pounds 
6733-6' - 200 pounds
6733-8' - 294 pounds

6733-RPL-4' - 204 pounds 
6733-RPL-6' - 235 pounds
6733-RPL-8' - 326 pounds

Options: Installs on grade with ability for permanent anchoring

Additional Information: Base pricing includes Natural Ipe Lumber. Other options are at an additional cost. Choose from Kebony, American White Oak painted Central Park Green and Recycled Plastic Lumber with additional steel bracing.


Specifications: DOC

6733-4: PDF / DWG
6733-6: PDF / DWG
6733-8: PDF / DWG
6733-RPL-4: PDF / DWG
6733-RPL-6: PDF / DWG
6733-RPL-8: PDF / DWG

Installation & Assembly: PDF