Note the off set leg.

ADA Concrete Chess Table with Square Steel Post Leg - Off set

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Product Overview:
ADA Chess table with off set leg
32" x 37" x 31" H x 24" Below Grade

Our ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant table model is unique in that its support post is off-set from the center allowing a wheel chair user to fully enter the seating area. The table is to be set 31" above grade to provide a comfortable height to a wheelchair user. The square steel pipe support post is galvanized and painted for longevity. The chess table top features a green and white terrazzo playing surface defined by inlaid brass strips. This table is designed that the accessible side has the chess board correctly oriented to it. This table model with its steel post leg is to be set in a concrete footing below grade. The narrow post leg leaves plenty of foot room below the table and the black painted post makes a nice contrast to the concrete top. Installation of this item typically requires the use of machinery for the lifting and placement due to the product weight. Seating shown is not included in rate.

Sizes: Available also as a standard square table.

Dimensions: 32" wide x 37" long x 31" H x 24" Below Grade

Material: Concrete with Steel Pipe

Finish: Natural Concrete with Graffiti Resistant Coating, Galvanized and Painted Steel

Assembled Weights: 425 Pounds

Options: Requires below grade installation

Additional Information: Tables can be ordered with a backgammon playing surface or a plain surface. Custom colors for the chess board are available at an additional cost. The table height can be varied by changing the amount of post below grade. A minimum of 24" of post needs to be in the ground.  

Made in USA.

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