Concrete Freestanding Chess Table

Concrete Freestanding Chess Table

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Product Overview:
This concrete chess table model is completely freestanding.
32" S x 31" H

This concrete chess table model is completely freestanding. The wide footprint of the concrete base allows this table to be installed on any sound surface. Gravel, concrete pavers, even grass are appropriate to place this table on. This model is often used in existing landscapes where excavation for below grade installation would be prohibitive to the project. The table top must be assembled to the base on site.

Sizes: One size

Dimensions: 32" S x 31" H

Material: Concrete 

Finish: Natural Concrete with Graffiti Resistant Coating

Assembled Weights: 550 Pounds

Options: Can be placed on any sound surface

Additional Information: Tables can be ordered with a backgammon playing surface or a plain surface. Custom colors for the chess board are available at an additional cost. This table includes a center anchor point for security.

Made in USA.