1964 World's Fair Retrofit Armrest

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Product Overview:
1964 World's Fair Retrofit Armrest
17" x 5 3/8" H

This armrest was specifically designed to be used with the 1964 World's Fair Bench series. It can be placed anywhere along the seating area, bolting directly to the seat slats. The arm breaks up the seating area preventing one from laying across it, a great solution for urban park planners. 

Dimensions: 17" x 5 3/8" H

Material: Ductile Iron 

Finish: Powder coated Iron

Assembled Weights:  12 pounds

Options: Installs directly to seat slats

Additional Information: Can also be mounted directly above a bench leg using the same bolts that connect the lumber to the leg 

Specifications: DOC

6733B: PDF / DWG

Installation & Assembly: PDF