1964 World's Fair Bike Rack

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Product Overview:
1964 World's Fair Bike Rack
Length varies. 26 7/8" wide x 25" high

The 1964 World's Fair Bike rack takes it's design from the armrest on the bench of the same design. The rack is comprised uprights and a spreader bar and pipe at the bottom. The rack can be configured with 2 or up to 8 hoops with spreader bars between. Typically enough room is placed between the hoops to allow two bikes inside the hoops. The design of the rack allows a bicycle coil lock to capture the rack plus the bike frame and both wheels. The mounting holes in the support allow the rack to be anchored to concrete which also allows this to be used as a single rack. 

Material: Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel Pipe, and Steel Bar

Finish: Powder Coat

Dimensions: Length varies. 26 7/8" wide x 25" high

Weight: 42 pounds each upright, tie rod and separating pipes add additional weight

Additional Information: Rack can be configured with 2 to 8 uprights and 12" - 24" between each upright. Typical spacing is 18"


6747: PDF / DWG

Installation & Assembly: PDF