10 Iconic Products for Designing an Incredible Park

Apr 1st 2021

10 Iconic Products for Designing an Incredible Park

Kenneth Lynch and Sons has a long history working with parks departments across the country, including New York City, Boston, Houston, and many other major cities. While every park is unique to its layout, location, and surrounding areas, there are universal elements that help create an inviting place for park visitors. Take a look at the 10 iconic products for designing an incredible park from the Urban Seating Collection at Kenneth Lynch & Sons.

1. 1939 World's Fair Bench

The iconic bench of New York City's Parks department was developed for use at the 1939 World's Fair by Kenneth Lynch in collaboration with New York City Parks Commissioner Robert Moses. This iconic bench is enjoyed at hundreds of parks across the country and is one of our most popular designs. We are also pleased to offer this brand new scaled-down design in a smaller size for children, perfect for schools and playgrounds.

2. 1964 World's Fair Bench

The 1964 World’s Fair Bench, also known as the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Bench, was designed for the 1964 World’s Fair held in Queens, NY. This bench model offers a timeless, modern design and is made of virtually unbreakable ductile iron. Recycled Plastic Lumber options have added sustainability to the product, making it even more appealing to municipalities. This bench has become very popular over the past several years and is used in parks throughout the five boroughs of New York and many suburban towns.

3. Central Park Settee

The design of the Central Park Settee is based on benches used during the creation of New York’s Central Park, circa 1858. This bench style was re-introduced in 1994 and has been used in the less formal areas throughout Central Park. The iconic look of the Settee is completed with the iron components in powder coated black and the wood painted classic Central Park green.

4. Hermann Park Bench

The Hermann Park Bench was designed by the Olin Partnership of Pennsylvania for Hermann Park in Houston, TX. The unique design of this bench incorporates a continuous line of slats from the seat edge to the top of the back rest for maximum body support. This bench can also be seen throughout the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

5. Concrete and Wood Bench

This familiar Concrete and Wood Bench has been used in New York since the 1930’s as cities everywhere moved to durable, immovable benches. This bench style can be found in locations throughout Central Park, and is the bench type consistently used in playgrounds and along the park perimeter. In the New York Parks Department this bench is also known as the Chrystie Forsythe Bench and was originally designed for the Sara D. Roosevelt Park, circa 1934.

6. Cast Stone Fountains

Classic cast stone tiered ornamental fountains can create a beautiful focal point and seating area in a public space. Our fountains range from two to five tiers with coordinating pedestals between the bowls. These fountains are typically topped off with a pineapple finial, the symbol of welcome and hospitality. Other options include a piped figure or a simple ball finial.

7. Cast Stone Chess Tables

Chess tables are an inviting addition to any public space, creating the opportunity for a fun activity for park visitors. Our chess and backgammon tables feature a terrazzo playing surface defined by inlaid brass strips. Various bases are available, some which require setting the table into a footing while others can be placed directly on grade.

8. Classic Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are an essential element to include in parks frequently visited by children and families. Our classic picnic tables coordinate with the World Fair and Crotona Park designs. All tables feature wide wood planks for the table top which are attached with recessed bolts to maintain a uniformly flat top.

9. Armillary Sundials

Sundials are beautiful additions for a park, acting as a decorative focal point or a symbol of honor and dedication. Our custom sundials, available in many styles and sizes, are fabricated in bronze or iron.

10. Statuary

While we are well known for our classical statuary we also have a variety of more whimsical pieces for use in public parks. Dancing bears, turtles, elephants, and oversize spouting frogs to name a few. Our statuary is never cartoonish, following the routes of our classical statuary we remain true to the form intended. Statuary can be incorporated into fountain features or can be used as a climbing structure.

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