Wire Wastebasket Lid

Wire Wastebasket Lid

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These sturdy steel lids for the woven wire baskets will help keep the trash in and critters out. Trash is boldly lettered on the lid to ensure  your guests know which receptacle to use. The 10" diameter hole deters users from placing inappropriate items in the basket.  The recycle lid includes a rubber baffle to ensure only recyclables are placed in the receptacle. Your guests will appreciate that you are providing the ability to recycle.  Each steel lid is hot dipped galvanized to maximize durability.  Our standard recycle lid is provided with a durable blue powder coat finish over a base of galvanized steel, bold white vinyl lettering includes 'Recycling Glass Plastic Aluminum'.  

Material: 4G Spun Steel with wire reinforced edge


Trash Lid - Hot-Dipped Zinc Galvanized with Black Vinyl Lettering
Recycle Lid - Blue Powder Coat with White Vinyl Lettering

Sizes Available: Lids are available for 95A large and 95B medium basket


Lids - 23" or 22" diameter with a 10" center hole
Recycling lids - 23" or 22" diameter with a 5" center hole and rubber baffle

Weights: 12 pounds 

Options: These lids are always galvanized but we offer a black or forest green powder coat over the galvanized base at an additional charge. Any standard RAL powder coat can be ordered for a custom look. 

Additional Information: A wire loop on the side of the lid allows a 'S' hook to secure the lid to either the basket or a fixed object with provided chain. Lids are currently available for 95A and 95B size baskets.

Made in USA.


Installation & Assembly: PDF