Behind the Scenes: Classical Garden Tour

Oct 4th 2021

Behind the Scenes: Classical Garden Tour

Kenneth Lynch and Sons had the pleasure of working with Ralph Ferrara, homeowner of a beautiful French provincial style home in Washington, D.C. over the past year to bring his vision to life. We were excited to partner with Ralph to create many of the focal points for the garden, including the La Brezza statue, fountain rosettes, sundials, and outdoor furniture from our Florentine Classics collection. Read our Q&A with the homeowners about the details of the design and property history.

What is the history of the home and what drew you to garden design?

This home is set in a beautiful neighborhood, where the curvilinear nature of the street allows for a glimpse into the property and makes it a perfect candidate for a great garden - so I knew that I wanted to create something beautiful out of the space. The house was owned decades ago by an elegant sculptor who had lovely gardens but by the time I purchased the home, the landscaping was in a state of complete disarray. And so began my interest in garden design.

Left: The facade of the French provincial style home with a Trunnion Sundial. Right: The dramatic circular garden seating area.

What was your vision for redesigning the space?

My goal was to return the state of the garden to an elegant and classic outdoor space. I enjoy watching it grow and having beautiful, lush blooms so I am always nagging my gardener to bring in full grown plantings. The only hardscape that was left when I bought the property was a birdbath, but it was cracked and leaning over so I started fresh with the design and the whole garden has a new shape and orientation to it.

Left: The Hare and Tortoise Sundial on a fluted classic column. Right: Star and Dolphin Armchair with Filigree Side Table.

Do you have a favorite element or area in the garden?

My favorite is definitely the LaBrezza fountain which is dedicated in memory of my sister, Lucia. There is also a carved plaque which I had incorporated into a garden wall. It is a plaque with a figure with musical horns protruding from its head and an inscription in an unknown language. It came from a fountain in Turkey. My curiosity is to find out what the symbolism of this figure is and what the inscription is, even if it is ancient graffiti!

La Brezza statue in the center of a fountain basin with shell and rosette details.

What is your favorite season to enjoy the garden?

That’s a tough one, but I would have to say the first three weeks in the early spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. It is a time when the garden blooms beautifully.

Cherry blossoms at their peak in early spring bring color to this beautiful classical garden.

Do you have any plans for future additions to the garden?

Yes, I purchased the torso of an Alexander the Great statue in Rome. The statue is mounted to a pillar and is about 5 ½’ tall. Once it comes in, it will be installed in a nook on the property near a curving stairway. It will be the most distinguished piece yet.

Left: Two Star and Dolphin Armchairs are a focal point at the top of the staircase. Right: The Filigree Design Star and Dolphin Double Settee offers the perfect perch for enjoying the garden.

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