5 Garden Fountains for Every Space and Style

Aug 26th 2021

5 Garden Fountains for Every Space and Style

Kenneth Lynch and Sons has long been an expert in fountain design. In fact, we have designed and manufactured fountains for nearly 100 years. Our founder, Kenneth Lynch himself, was fascinated with the classical designs of the fountains of Rome and often toured through Italy for inspiration for many of our classical designs.

Fountains are one of our favorite additions to a garden as they add an elegant, natural, and soothing element to outdoor spaces. Our Estate Elements Collection has a variety of styles and sizes of fountains, accommodating all types of outdoor spaces that can benefit from the beautiful aesthetic of these remarkable pieces. Here are the most popular styles of garden fountains:

1. Tiered Fountains
A tiered fountain is the ultimate focal point, creating instant aesthetics, interest, and enhancement to the garden’s natural beauty. These stunning designs with multiple sculptural bowls creates a perfectly proportioned waterfall effect. If you have a larger space, we recommend adding a freestanding fountain with a ground level basin in a central location where it can be enjoyed from all angles and makes a grand statement. If working in a smaller space, a self-contained tiered fountain can be installed, providing all the benefits without taking nearly as much ground space. View all our tiered fountains

2. Wall Fountains
Wall fountains are a perfect addition to smaller gardens or courtyard settings, as they help create the soothing and relaxing atmosphere without sacrificing space. Some wall fountains are self-contained, meaning there is no need for a basin at ground level. Our wall fountains are also completely customizable. Our team has worked with hundreds of designers over the years to create the perfect design based on each individual homeowner’s or designer’s vision, using different styles of rosettes, detailing, and installation options. View all our wall fountains

3. Spouting Fountains
Spouting fountains add both charm and personality to an outdoor space. These fountains create the illusion that the subject, often an animal or human statue, is playfully spouting water. These pieces are often smaller, being a perfect fit for an English Cottage style garden, courtyard space, or other small to medium garden. Another popular use of the spouting fountain is poolside, adding a fun and refreshing element for hot summer days. View all our spouting fountains

4. Birdbaths
Birdbaths are a natural way to attract birds to your garden while adding a classic design element to your backyard oasis. Often placed in quiet spaces, birdbaths allow birds to perch on the sides to drink and bathe. We offer several varieties of bird baths, from our classic and elegant Corinthian Birdbath, to the more elaborate Lotus Birdbath or Four Frogs Fountain. To add a bit more fun and personality, consider our Cupid Holding A Birdbath Shell design. View all our birdbaths

5. Raintrees
The original idea of the raintree came from the East, where the cultures viewed the rain as a gift from heaven. These delicately designed elements are made of a series of branches that allow water to run downward, creating a peaceful rainfall effect. Raintrees are well suited as a veranda design element, as they need to be free of debris at all times in order for the water to flow properly. Raintrees can have a significant amount of splash requiring a larger catch basin at ground level. View all our raintrees

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