10 Favorite Scenes of Parks in Autumn Splendor

Oct 21st 2022

10 Favorite Scenes of Parks in Autumn Splendor

Autumn is a magnificent season to explore the great outdoors, from enjoying a stroll through a state or national park to venturing out on nature trails with scenic views. A favorite autumn pastime for many is sitting on a park bench to enjoy the crisp fall air and admire the resplendent foliage.
Kenneth Lynch & Sons is proud to have our park benches, picnic tables, and decorative elements featured in many parks across the country, and to celebrate this beautiful season we have collected our favorite scenes of parks in autumn splendor. 

Enjoy these colorful scenes, and happy autumn!


1. Central Park - New York City

Central Park is one of the most beloved parks in the United States and autumn is undeniably one of the most beautiful times to visit. While you’re there, make sure to take a stroll through The Mall, bordered by its magnificent elm trees where you can sit back and enjoy the ambiance on the Central Park Settee

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Photo credit for Central Park scene: @212sid

2. Hermann Park - Houston, Texas

Hermann Park is one of Houston's oldest public parks and features the Houston Zoo, Museum of Natural Science, an outdoor theater, reflection pool and gardens. The scenic trails, walkways, and water views over McGovern Lake make this park a true destination in the fall. Kenneth Lynch & Sons partnered with the Olin Partnership of Pennsylvania to create and produce the Hermann Park Bench that can be found all throughout the park.

3. Bushnell Park - Hartford, Connecticut

Bushnell Park in Connecticut’s capital city is the oldest publicly funded park in the United States. The park consists of 50 acres of green space, art sculptures and playgrounds, a vintage 1914 carousel, and it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As you stroll through Bushnell Park, you will find our chess tables and 1939 World’s Fair Benches being enjoyed by visitors.

Photo credit for Bushnell Park scene: @olinevalezqa

4. Riverside Park - Buffalo, New York

Riverside Park is part of the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy and is the last park designed by the Frederick Law Olmsted firm in Buffalo. The 22-acre park features a lighthouse, World War I memorial and the Niagara River outlook along with many festive activities throughout the year and sports for all visitors. While visiting, you will find our iconic 1939 World’s Fair Benches throughout this beautiful park.

Photo credit for Riverside Park scene: @riversideparkbuffalo

5. Central Park - Louisville, Kentucky

In Louisville, you will also find a Central Park inspired by New York City. This Central Park, also designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, is characterized as an oasis within the urban fabric of Old Louisville and features an amphitheater, arbor, and pergola, along with the same “Central Park Green” finish on their settees produced by Kenneth Lynch & Sons.

Photo credit for Central Park scene: @kellydavenportphotography

6. Flushing Meadows - Queens, New York

An autumn walk through Flushing Meadows is an experience all in itself. Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is one of the city's most iconic parks, originally created as the site of the 1939 New York World's Fair, and later the 1964 New York World's Fair. In collaboration with New York City Parks Commissioner Robert Moses, Kenneth Lynch & Sons created the designs for these two iconic benches found in parks across the country today. Pictured here is the 1964 New York World's Fair Bench that is widely found throughout the park.

7. Front Park - Buffalo, New York

Front Park is also part of the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, located on a prominent bluff overlooking the head of the Niagara River and Lake Erie. The park features a semi-circular terrace, the Perry Monument, the entrance to the Peace Bridge, and large open playing fields and tennis courts on its 32 acres. And just like in other Buffalo Olmsted Parks, you can enjoy sitting on our 1939 World’s Fair Benches and taking in the splendor of autumn.

Photo credit for Front Park scene: @bfloparks

8. Wickham Park - Manchester, Connecticut

Wickham Park is known as one of the “hidden gems” in Connecticut, characterized by several gardens and ponds, an amphitheater, nature center and museum, and woodland trails on its 280 acres. Kenneth Lynch & Sons is proud to have contributed our Four Seasons Cherub Statues and cast stone pieces decorative pieces to the English Garden in Wickham Park, adding a classical element to this beautiful park. It’s a true gem to explore!

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Photo credit for Wickham Park scene: @chrissyking

9. Fort Greene Park - Brooklyn, New York 

Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park is a 30-acre property designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux to honor the history that dates back to the Revolutionary War. Filled with inviting open spaces, rolling hills, and spectacular views of the city, the park is also home to the Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument. As you enjoy a fall stroll, you can find five different bench styles in the park including the iconic Central Park Settee and the 1939 World’s Fair Bench.

Photo credit for Fort Greene Park scene: @itsalexford

10. Washington Square Park - New York, NY

Washington Square Park is a pleasant gathering place all year round but it is especially delightful during autumn with iconic views of the historic Washington Square Arch. At Washington Square Park, you will find Kenneth Lynch & Sons’ Hoof Bench (also known as City Hall Bench) lining the walkway, which was introduced in New York City in the late 1800’s. While you’re here, take a seat and enjoy a break from the city’s hustle and bustle on a sunny autumn afternoon!

Happy Autumn!

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Top image of Iroquois Park in Louisville, KY by: @maria.made.moments