Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of long time employees are motivated to ensure your experience is pleasant and our product is representative of our reputation for exemplary manufacturing practices.

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    Maria Lynch Dumoulin


    Having taken on the role of president and owner in January 2012, Maria had already spent 17 years within the firm in various roles. Maria is one of four daughters of the previous owners, Timothy A. and Hildegard Lynch, and the only one to be involved in the family business. While Maria’s current role keeps her mainly in the office, she thrives on being in the shop and getting involved in projects. Employees will often come to her for guidance on techniques for working the various materials.

    Beyond work, Maria enjoys time with her husband Derrick, two teenage sons and two dogs. She is an accomplished cyclist and triathlete and enjoys the dedication required to prepare for race season. As the mother of two Boy Scouts she also volunteers her time in their local troop as the Eagle rank advancement coordinator.

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    Derrick Dumoulin

    Vice President of Operations

    Derrick and Maria met in 1997 but it was not until 2001 that she convinced him to join her in working for the company. Derrick left the chemical trading industry and began an apprenticeship of sorts. From understanding concrete admixtures to the ability to work bronze and copper into a weathervane or sundial, Derrick has truly become a fine craftsman.

    As the Vice President of Operations Derrick has the opportunity to be on the shop floor a considerable part of the day. Outside of work Derrick is often convincing his teenage sons to join him for a hike. Derrick is an experienced cyclist and relishes in the challenge of a hilly bicycle ride.

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    Melody D'Avino

    Sales Manager

    Melody joined the company in 2007 shortly after it was relocated to Oxford, CT. It was an instant fit. With Melody’s art based background she quickly learned the product line and was able to easily assist customers with their projects. Melody takes great satisfaction in helping customers find just the right piece that will be prized for generations. In her off time Melody enjoys spending time hiking with her husband and dog in Connecticut and around New England.

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    Our Team

    Our precast stone department foreman, bench shop foreman, lead craftsman, chief welder and truck driver round out our team. Our staff grows in the busier months but our key employees are with us year round.

    Each of our team members plays a vital role in our daily operations. We are an excellent corporation to work for offering commensurate wages and generous benefits, a quality that can be attested to by employees having an average of 12+ years of service.